Auto Accident Lawyer: 3 Common Reasons to Hire One

While the insurance company pays the bills in the typical car accident, there is sometimes a need for an auto accident lawyer to get the money. In fact, sometimes the problem is the insurance company. Know the common reasons to hire an accident lawyer.

Car accidents often require the help of an attorney specializing in this field. This is usually because there is a lot of money at stake, as most accidents cost one or both insurance companies or drivers a lot of money in car repairs and medical bills, and neither one typically wants to pay. Consider the best time to hire an auto accident lawyer to get the funds you deserve.

Most people rely on the insurance provider of the at-fault driver to pay the medical bills and repairs. However, some people break the law by not carrying coverage, leaving the driver who was not at-fault to pay for damages they did not cause. Some drivers carry coverage just for this reason, but they have to pay a deductible since their own provider has to send them money. If this has happened to you, it is worth a shot to hire an auto accident lawyer so that you can go after the person who caused the damages. If they are poor, you might not get much out of them, but at least they might have learned that they cannot just get away with costing you thousands of dollars in medical expenses and car repairs.

Even if both you and the other driver have proper coverage, you may not get the money you are owed. They might claim that you hit them, and if you have no way to refute it, this becomes a case of your word versus theirs. This is especially true if there is no police report. Their provider is likely to believe their story, since they are the customer, and also because neither party wants to pay. If you know you were not at-fault, and believe you could prove it with some help from an attorney, you should hire an auto accident lawyer. At least consider going to an initial consultation, which is usually free, as the attorney should tell you if you have a strong case.

In some cases, the issue is not with the other driver, but with your own insurance company. If you were at-fault, or live in a state were fault is not determined so you pay for your own medical expenses and car repairs, you may struggle with getting the funds from your insurance company. They do not want to pay unless forced to, so if they feel that you cannot prove that you are owed the money, they will not offer it. Of course, they usually want to keep the customer happy, so they may be more subtle, such as offering you less than what your vehicle is worth, or claiming that some of your medical bills are not eligible for coverage. You will need a legal representative in such a case.

These are the most common issues that deserve legal attention in this industry. Therefore, there are plenty of lawyers waiting to help you. Just be sure to find one with several years of experience in this field, as you will only get the funds you deserve if you win the case.

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